The PERSONA5 Streetwear collection is available now – but why Tho?


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Just in time for the holidays, Crunchyroll Loves presents a PERSONA5 streetwear collection for fans of PERSONA5 animation. The series follows a group of friends who call themselves the “Phantom Heart Thieves”.

This limited edition PERSONA5 The streetwear collection, available exclusively in the Crunchyroll store, will help you awaken your personality and defeat the shadows, including:

A black hoodie with Futaba Sakura and red accents

A black anorak featuring the show’s logo and the Phantom Thieves logo

A black long-sleeved t-shirt with the mysterious Morgana

An acid wash long sleeve t-shirt featuring Ann Takamaki, founding member of Phantom Thieves

A black t-shirt with the Persona 5 protagonist

A black and white striped t-shirt with an embroidered Morgana patch

PERSONA5 the animation is available to stream now on Crunchyroll. The series is based on the beloved and critically acclaimed video game title.

Crunchyroll Loves is the in-house streetwear brand of Crunchyroll, the global anime brand with previous collaborations including JUJUTSU KAISEN, GODZILLA, Mob Psycho 100, Junji Ito, and more.

About Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans in over 200 countries and territories with the content they love. Better known as one of the top streaming services offering AVOD and SVOD content, Crunchyroll also offers experiences to deepen fan and community engagement through social events, games, consumer products, content distribution. , content creation and publication of manga. Fans have access to the largest collection of licensed anime through Crunchyroll, Anime Digital Network (in partnership with Citel, a subsidiary of Media-Participations) and Anime on Demand streaming services, translated into multiple languages ​​for viewers of the whole world. Viewers can also access simulcast – the best series available immediately after the Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll’s services also extend to product licensing for motion pictures, television, home video and consumer products.


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