This influencer is breaking the “boring Delaware” stereotype


Have you ever been sitting at home bored (because, you know, you’re in Delaware), scrolling through Instagram, when a post catches your eye and you want to be there? And then you look at the handle – and that’s @firststatedestinations post about things to do in Delaware?

First State Destinations (FSD for short) is Alexis Harris, a Raleigh, NC transplant and digital marketing phenom who became the influencer she was looking for in Delaware. Someone who knew all the coolest things to do locally, be it nightlife, brunch, or exploring the outdoors. Someone who made you want to be in Delaware with dynamic content that shows off sides of the state few really know about.

Harris moved here fresh out of college to be with her then partner. The relationship was about to end, but her attachment to Delaware didn’t, so she stayed.

“Even before I moved here, I started being fed the narrative that Delaware is boring,” said Harris, who runs her own digital marketing business in addition to FSD. “That’s just not true.”

FSD started in October 2020 on TikTok. Instead of looking for recommendations on things to do, she started by thinking of an experience or place that exists in places like LA or New York, then she researched to find the closest thing in the Delaware.

Once the experience is chosen, she uses her digital marketing skills to create eye-catching content. There’s yoga on the Riverfront, sunsets at Rehoboth Beach, hike in Brandywine Creek State Park and lots of food. Those amazing tacos may come from a truck you’ve passed a hundred times on Kirkwood Highway, for example.


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While the FSD is breaking the “boring Delaware” stereotype — Harris said she’s received messages from people as far away as California interested in visiting the state — at its core it’s all about community and connections.

“As you move into adulthood, especially when you move to a new state, it’s hard to meet new people organically,” she said.

With more and more people working from home, she’s not the only one finding it difficult. After receiving hundreds of DMs and comments from people wanting to join her to hang out with her, she started a Facebook group for Delaware adults looking to connect with others interested in joining their own local adventures.

“It’s a pretty even split of Delaware-born and raised ‘natives’, transplants who moved here long-term, and people who are here temporarily to work in school,” she said. “And then there are also a number of people who don’t specifically live in Delaware, but are 20 minutes away in Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, who want to be able to participate and visit here and all the experiences that I’m sharing . »

The FSD has even been known to save relationships, according to Harris: “I’ve seen a number of messages where someone was thanking me because his wife wasn’t happy to move to Delaware for her job, but find my page made them feel better and a little more excited about it.

Does Delaware still have work to do to be a top destination? Harris says yes, but not because there aren’t enough good concepts and establishments.

“I think the ideas are there, but there’s definitely an opportunity to elevate the experience a bit more, compared to just opening a facility,” she said. “You will notice that these establishments that open may not last long. Not because the concept didn’t exist, but because the overall experience and marketing weren’t followed through.

Find FSD on instagram, ICT Tac and Facebook.



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