VFocus Photos Announces New Print Shop, Ready to Launch Exclusive NFT Collection


As NFTs grow in popularity around the world, Victor O has announced his upcoming NFT collection as well as a print shop for his photography business

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the rave of the moment, and it seems the relevance in today’s world is tied to this offshoot of cryptocurrency. The digital photography industry has seen substantial growth in recent years, and NFTs offer a great opportunity to turn simple images into money-printing tokens. As the market is ready to be tapped, Victor O, CEO of VFocus Photos LLC, is pleased to announce that he will be launching an exclusive NFT collection on Opensea.com.

Based in Miami, Florida, Victor is a graphic designer who has turned his passion for visual arts and content creation into a career as a lifestyle photographer. Her photography skills have helped brands and influencers scale and enjoy exceptional levels of growth. Over the years he has taken some amazing photos and plans to turn them into an NFT collection. Victor’s NFT collection offers an opportunity to be part of the NFT craze sweeping the world for some quick numbers six to seven.

Victor will also be launching a print session on his website www.vfocusphoto.com, where he will showcase a curated selection of fine art photography he has created. Additionally, Victor will create a Content Creator & Models Influencers program focused on travel to beautiful destinations around the world, offering hotels and communities the opportunity to create quality content for their platforms while gaining more audience and visibility through models and influencers. The program, which is the first of its kind in Miami, aims to advance Victor’s mission to promote beautiful content at all times.

In his own words, Victor said, “My goal is to create real interaction with my clients while working together so that they can feel comfortable throughout the session, allowing them to be themselves. same as I capture those moments, those emotions, and that natural beauty. I think content creation is crucial these days for any brand or business, so my goal is to keep helping their growth through my vision and creative content.

Victor is enthusiastic about directing and presenting his works to the world. He implores models, brands, social media influencers, hotels, fashion stores specializing in bikinis and more to visit www.vfocusphoto.com and see his impressive works.

About VFocus Photos

Founded by Victor O., VFocus Photos is a photography company specializing in swimwear, bikinis and lifestyle photography. Victor is passionate about the visual arts in general, especially photography which allows him to meet and interact with amazing people along his journey. It all started with a gift from his uncle, a portable Sony camera with which he started photographing his girlfriend and her friends when they went out or travelled. For Victor, photography is an art form that captures an otherwise forgotten moment. Over the years, Victor keeps improving his editing skills which is a signature of his work to deliver clean quality content with a natural look in his photos. He also specialized in the swimwear and lifestyle industry, and directing has played a big role since 2019, so he’s following that path as a creative director, which now allows him to work with multiple clients of brands, models and influencers, contributing to their growth and success. . Swimwear brands such as Frankies, Andi Bags, Beijobaby, Monte Swim, Boutine Los Angeles, etc.

Connect with Victor and see his works on Instagram, Twitterand Facebook.

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