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February 17, 2022 – Advertising agency on social networks, Viva5 is preparing to launch a marketing application “Viva5s”. Operating as an advertising agency for a few years now, Viva5 has built a reputation in the industry through cheaper and cost-effective service offerings.

Today, the company announced that it is currently developing a marketing technology application, which will forever change advertising processes between small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, retailers and advertisers. According to the founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Andrew, the said app can achieve and perform better than other apps currently in the market.

Discussing the app in more detail, Mr Andrew revealed that it will be called ‘Viva5s’, coined from the company’s name and the 5 simple steps needed to run a successful campaign on the app. .

With Viva5s, everything needed for a successful social post can be completed in 5 simple steps. Processes would be made as simple as possible. We design this with the users in mind and present the interfaces as ergonomic as possible. The app would be developed in such a way that the process requires almost no user experience in social media, advertising or marketing.” – Founder and CEO of Viva5, Mr. Andrew.

The Viva5s application would be available and accessible to users on android and in web version. This application solves several problems in the advertising and marketing industry, especially that of complex system processes. Indeed, many people are naive about the world of digital marketing and especially social media advertising due to the complex way the processes are laid out.

Unfortunately, failure to understand this process has misled many business owners into resorting to expensive alternatives or overspending. This means that many businesses and entrepreneurs are paying more than necessary to get their brands and content to the right audience.

This problem of overloading and continuously increasing prices due to the above reason in the marketing industry is solved by Viva5s. Other marketing challenges faced by small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and retailers that would be solved by Viva5s include lack of creative design resources, choosing the right social media platforms, consistent business execution marketing, creation and dissemination of premium content, etc.

Indeed, a very large number of merchants and entrepreneurs lack the skills and patience necessary to manage to create marketing content for their products and services. Many others lack the necessary branding and have an average to poor online presence, which negatively affects their marketing efforts as there is no room for good reach and engagement with the target audience.

Upon entering the industry, our vision at Viva5 was to simplify advertising and marketing processes to the minimum possible. We looked at how we can effect changes in the industry to ensure everyone is served, regardless of experience and budget. We sat down to highlight these issues and challenges, so the solutions we present to the market through the Viva5s app are not only exceptional but also sound..” – Founder and CEO of Viva5, Mr. Andrew.

With the Viva5s app, users – businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals could get personalized creative designs, business and marketing copywriting, hashtag sets, and advertising demographics needed to drive traffic, among others. Serving 52 different industries, the Viva5s application would certainly become a highly sought-after one-stop solution provider for all.

Excitingly, Viva5s users save a lot on marketing, advertising and promotion activities since they can access the application and maximize all its functions at a total cost of less than USD 9.00 per month. Thus, through this prospective application – Viva5s, the company would fulfill its mission of creating, promoting and guiding companies towards the right process to achieve the highest level of return on investment at the lowest marketing cost and with an efficiency of reduced time.

Viva5s currently supports publishing, scheduling and sharing to; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Gmail and more.

To stay updated on the app, please follow the Viva5s brand on social media.

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