WATCH: This new Biden ad reaches ‘cringe levels that shouldn’t even be possible’


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s black money group, Building Back Together posted an ad to trumpet the President’s possibly illegal cancellation of student loans. It’s not going well.

The ad, titled “Pocket,” begins with CNBC anchor Shepard Smith describing Biden’s scheme to get taxpayers to take on what could be more than $1 trillion in student loan debt. The ad then goes psychedelic, with a robotic voice intoning “Biden” and “admin” as the screen shows static photos of the president, the White House, and multiple trouser pockets. The ad also has the robotic narrator repeat “In my pocket”, “Pell Grant”, and “web-a-site”, among other phrases. Another frequent image depicts a scary grinning Biden with laser beams coming from his eyeballs.

Even Biden’s Democratic colleagues have criticized the cancellation program, which will increase deficit spending when the country faces a catastrophic recession. Rep. Jared Golden (D., Maine), for example, called the plan “disconnected,” while former Obama administration official Jason Furman called it “gasoline on the inflationary fire. “.

Building Back Together posted the announcement on its official Twitter account with the words “Dark Brandon strikes again”, referring to an unpopular meme that attempted to portray Biden as a Machiavellian overlord. The tweet led to a lot of teasing in the comments section.

“This is hands down the cringest political ad I’ve ever seen,” @TylerHanson53 wrote. “Cringe” seemed to be the theme of most comments, with @Meladori3 posting the caption “We’re reaching levels of cringe that shouldn’t even be possible.”

“Please tell me you didn’t waste taxpayers money making this video shit,” @gwardhome wrote, while @cheneydesk summed up the video as “probably the worst political ad never published”.

Commenter @shaneriderMA was more succinct: “This is embarrassing.”


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