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A Nexus Mods user improves on one of Elden Ring’s most controversial elements by giving players the co-op experience many have been asking for.

Ring of Elden carries the legacy of FromDoftware’s notoriously difficult games into the open world genre, and has done so to critical and commercial success. Although the game features a cooperative system similar to the previous one dark souls games (which will return, as FromSoft has announced that it is fixing the dark souls servers), it doesn’t see much use due to the limitations it imposes.

Cooperative game in Ring of Elden reigns in a lot of player ability. Players cannot take advantage of their mount, Torrent, and players summoned as Golden Ghosts are not as strong as they would be in their own world. If the host is killed, the ghosts are sent back to their own world and will have to log in again. The system design is suitable for fighting bosses or clearing difficult areas, but Elden Ring’s dramatically expanded world and emphasis on exploration has left players wanting more. That’s where a mod from NexusMods user LukeYui comes in.

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The Seamless Co-op mod released on May 27th which has already reached over 100,000 downloads on the Nexus Mods website and does exactly what players wanted. The mod breaks down many of the barriers that prevented Ring of Elden to have a full cooperative experience and opens up The Lands Between for players to explore together. As explained in the mod description, this makes the whole game co-op playable and keeps players connected even if someone dies or defeats a boss.

LukeYui clarifies that the mod is a work in progress. Several warnings tell players to expect bugs and issues when using the mod, as it is still in beta. They promise consistent and frequent updates as more bug information comes in during the beta. Since the mod allows up to four fully equipped and capable tarns to venture into the world together, the author also advises that the gameplay will be easier. Still, allowing Torrenting with friends and giving a team the ability to explore the whole world together without roadblocks is exactly what players want in a co-op experience.

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Seamless Co-op is not the first mod to be released for Ring of Elden. Mod makers have introduced ways to make the game easier, apply cheats for offline play, or pit Malenia against other bosses, but Seamless Co-op quickly becoming one of the most popular. It has already become the third most popular mod, even though it has only been available for a few days. With the mod’s explosion in popularity, it won’t be long before Seamless Co-op becomes the epitome Ring of Elden mod, although adding Thomas the Tank Engine to boss fights is more fun.

With Ring of Elden sales having surpassed even gaming staples like Call of Duty, mods like Seamless Co-op are likely to keep the game’s online community engaged for years to come. Fan theories about the possible Ring of Elden DLC is already showing that gamers are already looking for more to do, so mod writers like LukeYui are in for a golden age of creating content for FromSoft’s latest hit.

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