Yogi Adityanath Poll Pitch: Law, Order and Development


Continuing his campaign for the next assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will visit western Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

He visits Badaun and Shajapur.

On Wednesday he will visit Mathura and Agra in the Braj region.

On Monday, he campaigned in Kairana and Rampur. The themes of the CM campaign are clear: its “hard” management of law and order, the “development” that the state has reportedly seen under it, the low number of coronaviruses in the state at the time. current – which make him claim credit for the state having a negligible number of new cases at present – and a hint of Hindutva, something that has been associated with him for a long time.

There have been actions against 147 elements belonging to the land mafia in your district, Adityanath said at a well-attended rally in Rampur in the Ruhelkhand region on Monday, even as he inaugurated 20 development projects that would result in a cost of Rs. 64 crores.

Crowded crowds flocked to the gathering places in Rampur and Kairana in western Uttar Pradesh, as Adityanath, clad in his signature saffron robes, stepped up his campaign in a part of the state opposed to its own center, Gorakhpur.

Both in rallies and on Twitter, Adityanath spares no effort to retain India’s most populous state, where Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi party is seen as his main rival. The opposition is divided: Mayawati’s BSP, which has aimed its guns at Yadav to poach party leaders, and Congressional Priyanka Gandhi are trying to make it a multi-angle contest.

Speaking to Twitter, Adityanath patted the UP government on the back for the state having climbed seven places in the 2021 Ministry of Trade and Industry Leads Report – the report follows the development of logistics – from the 13th to sixth position among the states.

At one of his rallies on Monday, he praised the state government for what he called “excellent” handling of the coronavirus pandemic: free treatment and high vaccination numbers. While UP had experienced a second severe wave of the pandemic, the number of new infections is very low at six, and the total number of active cases stands at 85.

The chief minister also attacked his political rivals, claiming they were in hiding in their homes when the coronavirus wave hit, not even helping their own party employees.

A recurring theme in Adityanath’s speeches has been what he claims to be his strong management of law and order, something critics claim to be signs of a police state.

However, Adityanath played this theme thoroughly in Kairana, where the foundation stone for the building that would house the provincial armed police office was laid. “When PAC uses his staff, large rioters will be seen traveling to the next world. They can no longer create chaos here, ”he said to cheers. “Kairana was once a center of Hindustani classical music and a center of commerce in western UP. Those who tried to destroy it suffered and will suffer – let there be no doubt about it. “

He weaved this theme of law and order into a larger Hindutva theme, when he referred to the reports of the Hindu ‘exodus’ from Kairana a few years ago and also did reference to the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013.

“Those who saw the vote bank as important honored the rioters. When two young men were killed in Muzaffarnagar, those who talk about caste politics did not talk about their caste, ”said Adityanath, tacitly reaching out to Jats, who are at the forefront of the farmer’s agitation in western UP.

Adityanath also looked at opposition leaders who he said were trying to ‘show’ their Hindu credentials: ‘Modi ji has spun the Dharma wheel in such a way that those who would hesitate to visit a temple are now sporting a great Tilak as if they were only Hindus.


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