Zid launches the ultimate website builder, helping businesses take their online stores to the next level


Zid cites the importance of turning to an easy-to-use website builder for businesses to create and manage an online store, allowing them to drag and drop the elements they want for their website.

An e-commerce website builder makes it easy to launch any type of online business quickly. That’s why Zid, a leading company based in Egypt, has extended its services to bring the best website builders and website builders to help businesses advance their e-commerce business.

“Starting a dedicated e-commerce platform gives budding business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to control every aspect of the customer experience – from branding to shipping to service. customer. In this way, they can choose to build it with a dedicated partner, in order to obtain an optimized website for the sale of their products and services. This is where Zid comes in,” a representative for Zid said in a statement.

Zid is leading the way in helping businesses leverage e-commerce solutions by providing specialized solutions and products, including impressive e-commerce builder and online store builder services, allowing them to directly link their stores by line to Zid.

Zid’s website builder and store builder make it easier than ever for businesses to create their own websites without having any coding knowledge. This innovative e-commerce platform provides built-in storage, selections to add a custom domain, hosting features, and third-party integrations so business owners and entrepreneurs can add things like shopping carts. purchase and lead capture tools. Google’s website builder is extremely user-friendly, allowing users to launch their online stores without any experience or technical ability.

“Zid is leading the way by offering professional service providers that specialize in product photography, brand design, and e-commerce marketing assistance for their stores as well as other services that help grow their business. e-commerce,” adds the representative. .

Zid offers the App Market, which provides businesses with all the tools that help manage online stores in an efficient and integrated way. On the other hand, the theme market, another awesome feature, offers a wide range of custom interface options “themes” for online stores from business owners to Zid, with unique shapes and classifications that help distinguish the storefront and stand out from the competition.

At the same time, the company also offers Solution Partners, a program that facilitates the search for professional solutions from service providers specialized in their fields to meet the needs of each customer at all stages of their e-commerce journey.

“In addition to advanced technical solutions, the team behind Zid is committed to supporting customers on their business journey step by step through effective communication and finding strategic solutions that enable them to grow their e-commerce platforms,” adds the representative.

Those interested can start their free trial or contact the team behind Zid to get started. Others who want to know more about Zid can visit the website and its social media for more information.

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